Wrestling Workouts and Push Ups


I always remember the story of Coach Reeve telling me how many push ups he did each and every day while going through youth, high school and collegiate wrestling. The full story is in the interview we did for Train To Pin.

I have a saying for wrestlers, it goes like this: “Wrestlers should be eating push ups and pull ups for breakfast”.

I get PISSED off when I see varsity wrestlers unable to perform one single push up w/proper form.

Even if I NEVER told you to work on calisthenics, one would assume a wrestler would do them because this stuff is in our blood…. or, maybe not.

Check out all these push up variations my friend, John Gaglione sent me.

Before you can crank the push ups below, you need to be GREAT at regular push ups, trying to work up to 50 reps in a row.

In addition to the push up variations shown above, I also like using Gymnastics Rings for push ups. They allow the hands to be held in a neutral position as well as working on shoulder health & stabilization, a critical component for keeping you healthy.

Now, time for you to take action!

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