Wrestling Strength Workouts with Lehigh University Wrestling



Here’s just a quick clip of some training with The Lehigh University Wrestling Team.

The training is always evolving for these wrestlers.

The training depends on:

  • Each individual Wrestler and his strengths / weaknesses both Physically and Mentally
  • Starter or Red Shirt
  • Upcoming Competitions
  • Level of Strength & Physical Preparation

Each wrestler needs some slight tweaks to the program depending on their individual weak areas, the time of the season and more.

The key note here is to see:

  • Wrestlers need to be strong
  • Wrestlers need to be explosive
  • Wrestlers need mental toughness

We incorporate these methods and more into each wrestling workout…..

[youtube width=”700″ height=”400″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMUTqczfmRg[/youtube]

This wrestling workout was early in the season when the team was still learning proper technique and getting used to my training and my expectations.

Even in season, the starters lifted 2 x week, the red shirts often lifted 3 x week.

1 of the biggest mistakes wrestlers make is to STOP lifting in season.

Why stop the very thing that gives you the edge over your competition?

Our most successful high school wrestlers train 1 x week in season and sometimes it’s a short 20-30 minute training session.

Keep attacking and talk soon.

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