Wrestling Strength & Conditioning Challenge


This is a BRUTAL challenge we do for our wrestlers.

The majority of them will use a sandbag approximately 50% of their bodyweight.

Technique MUST be # 1 so do NOT let them use a heavy sandbag while sacrificing technique.

Check the wrestling workout challenge below, then read on and see the workout in detail.

Here’s your sandbag wrestling workout challenge:

– Perform the workout AFAP (as fast as possible)

– Perform 15 reps, 10 reps, 5 reps of each exercise:

A) Sandbag Shoulder x 15, 10, 5

B) pull ups x 15, 10, 5

When you’re done, you can rest 5 minutes while performing recovery work / soft tissue work and call it a day or you can finish off with some extra training.

Check the video below for recovery work:

Till the next time, train smart & train hard!



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