Wrestling Leg Workout


I STILL remember my high school wrestling coach saying these words: “Legs are your foundation! If you wanna be as strong as a house ya gotta build the foundation!”

VERY True!

This fires me up, as a few weeks ago, one of the best wrestlers in the state was at my gym and couldn’t perform a bodyweight squat properly…. and this kid is getting private instruction in “working out” elsewhere.

Kids deserve the best…. this means coaches need to educate themselves on proper training, proper technique, etc.

It also means Coaches MUST enforce proper technique and not sacrifice technique for anything else. Without proper technique the gains simply won’t come.

Check this brutal portion of our workout with my wrestlers at the Jersey Shore. It’s a blend of strength, speed and conditioning. These are the type of workouts you’ll have laid out for you in detail inside Workouts That WIN and Train To PIN.

I’m STILL fired up after seeing this kid unable to perform a bodyweight squat correctly AND he gets private coaching from a “Coach”. Pisses me…. Fires me UP!

This is why I always tell people, gyms might look the same but the Coaching makes ALL the difference. Just because I own a Football doesn’t mean I can coach the team!

Food for thought…..


PS: If you’re serious about doing things the right way, while getting powerful wrestling workouts, check THIS out. Train To PIN is the complete package, featuring DVDs and Manuals with workouts for year round training, detailed with exact sets, reps, when to rest, when to up the intensity and MUCH more.

You can do things the wrong or the right way…. or the best way. You choose.