Wrestlers Need to Learn from Ray Lewis


Ray Lewis was a 2 x Florida State Champ at 189 lbs.

Ray understands the importance of champion workouts, discussed in depth Here and HERE.

Nobody called Ray and told him to train, he did the training on his own, through his own motivation, will power, drive and determination.

Nowadays, there are wrestling clubs spread all throughout NJ.

I see wrestlers training at my gym, at wrestling clubs (often times members to various wrestling clubs).

Then, I ask them, is there ever a time when you train without a Coach telling you what to do?

Is there ever a time when you train without Dad telling you what to do?

In the Underground Strength System and Train To Pin, I interview Coach Reeve and he discusses what champion workouts are and how critical they are to the success of a wrestler.

I don’t see too many champion workouts going on with wrestlers, except for the few who are at the top.

To become a champion, you need to train like one AND think like one.

It’s up to you to take the road less traveled.

In Strength,


PS: Are you gonna wait for Daddy or your Coach to tell you what to do, or are you gonna Man UP and take some action through your own will and your own drive?

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