In Season Wrestling Workouts


As you know, Friday at Midnight is the LAST day to get The Underground In Season Wrestling Blue Print.

I wanna share TWO success stories with you from a high school wrestler and a wrestling parent who have ONLY used our FREE stuff, and because they got such impressive results with our FREE stuff they understood that the power of  a program laid out in detail would be infinitely MORE powerful.

These Stories Inspire Me:

“Zach- I am a 100% disabled vet.  I have been a past high school wrestling coach and wrestler.  I was injured in Iraq back in 2003
and since then have been helping my son with his desire to wrestle.

I am limited on what I can do with and for him until I found your website.

I utilized your you-tube free videos this past summer and turned my sons strength around.  He has packed on pure muscle strength and maintained a very lean body.  I now need specific training and reps.

That is why I have decided to purchase this program.

I have seen what your free stuff can do, now we are going to maximize our results.

My son is an 8th grader this year and competes with our high school wrestlers in practice.

He is only 109lbs now, but battles with our 113lb and 120lb varsity high school wrestlers.

Thanks for everything you are doing for the sport and thank you for giving me something back!

The ability to coach my son and get back into this great sport with limited abilities my self.

I will keep you informed on his progress.  His goal is to earn a scholarship to wrestle for Purdue in college.

With 4 years to make this happen he wants the best training possible and we know you can give it to him with your workouts.

Again thank you for your wonderful program.”

– Paul               



I’m Steven B, A senior at Voorhees High School in Glen Gardner, New Jersey.

The season just started last week and I’m loving every damn minute of it.

After following just the fr-ee workouts you show and all the challenges you send, I felt no need to cut weight this year and I’m still overpowering kids my own weight and bigger.

I certified for 152 and I practice with my team’s 170 and 182 pounders just so I can wrestle someone with equal strength. I was recently reunited with one of my coaches from when I was wrestling in the youth program and he agreed to drill with me one practice.

After about an hour of hand fighting and drilling shots, he takes one look at me, tells me I have “bear strength” and sits down on the side of the mat exhausted.

After a few more hours of drilling, running and weightlifting, our coach has the team finish with 5 ropes, up and down, nothing fancy. The rest of my team that hasn’t been following an off season workout program and if they have, it fails to be anywhere near as successful as yours.

They are struggling to finish their sets of ropes while I finish 10 ropes with no legs. My old coach comes up to me, shakes me hand,
and tells me I’m not normal and actually asked me if I was on any performance enhancers because he couldn’t believe the chubby kid who used to wrestle for him turned into me.

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for taking the time out of your day to offer me even the smallest amount of training.
Also I thought you might like to see my Christmas Wishlist that I’m asking my parents to buy me earlier.”

1. The Underground In Season Wrestling Training Blue Print

Well, looks like Santa arrived early for Steven because I saw Santa placed an order for Steven only several hours later.

See that… Santa IS watching!!

Friday at midnight, The Underground In Season Wrestling Blue Print is GONE….

You’re either IN or you’re IN the way.

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Well, you just ain’t serious about winning, are you?

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Live the Code


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