High School Wrestling Upper Body Strength & Power Workout


Each wrestling workout we do for our high school wrestlers is a combination of strength and power. The conditioning gets attacked as well, but, not as much as strength & power, let me tell you why….

The majority of our wrestlers are on the mat 2 – 4 x a week in the off season, so they get plenty of conditioning from speed drills and live wrestling while at their wrestling club. We focus on what they are weak at, and transform their weak areas into strong points. This is where our wrestlers get the edge.

Other wrestling workouts are almost purely focused on conditioning, which does little to no good for improving a wrestlers strength and power.

On the flip side: if you increase a wrestlers overall strength and power, this alone will improve their conditioning on the mat. This doesn’t mean we skip wrestling conditioning, I am simply making a point as to what helps these wrestlers get the edge, you’ll experience the same success when you follow Workouts That WIN or T2P.

Check this strength & power clip below from our high school wrestlers going through an upper body wrestling workout at The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, NJ.

Imagine the powerful changes you will experience by following the RIGHT workouts – our workouts….

There’s a reason why only a small few make it to the states.

There’s a reason why some wrestlers have a strength that dominates their opponents AND boosts their confidence sky high.

These wrestlers are not only better wrestlers, but they are also stronger, faster, more explosive and better conditioned than their wrestling competition.



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