3 Wrestling Workout Tips

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Are you stronger, faster and better conditioned than your wrestling competition?

Have you won EVERY single match?

Do you dominate the competition?

Unless you have never lost a wrestling match, you gotta pay close attention to these 3 wrestling workout tips:

– Avoid complex and complicated lifts unless you have an expert coach. I’ve seen high school wrestlers perform the olympic lifts. I’ve seen college wrestlers perform the o lifts as well. 99% of the time the technique is pure shit. Because the technique is so poor, the results are lackluster. In addition, precious training energy is wasted. If you’re gonna use the o lifts then commit to the technique the same way you commit to learning your wrestling technique to the best of your ability.

If you’re a wrestling coach and don’t know how to o lift yourself, then don’t hurt your wrestlers by making them perform these o lifts the WRONG way, increasing their chances for injury.

– Focus on quality over quantity with your wrestling workouts. I used to train 6 – 7 days a week, some of them were double sessions. The workouts had lots of quantity, not enough quality. I chose the wrong exercises and the results killed my opportunity to become a BEAST on the mat. If you’re using the wrong exercises and the wrong training system you’re gonna waste precious energy and time that could be used in better ways.

– Change your program off season and in season. There are certain lifts that we avoid BIG time in season yet off season we’re fine with them. I’ve seen wrestlers forced into workouts by coaches and these workouts end up making the wrestler fatigued, weaker, slower and in a state of constant soreness. In the end, this is often times the BIG reason why a wrestler is injured or does not reach his true potential.

The wrong workouts will severely handicap your chances of being All State / All American.

Start studying and learning how you can use workouts that are gonna give you maximum results with minimal time.

From there, use your extra time to focus on recovery, which is one of the most crucial aspects to your wrestling success.

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